Developing Homes, Communities and People’s Stories in three main ways 

What We Do


The Legacy Project

Teresa seeks out distressed properties and distressed sellers to give life back to homes and treat these sellers fairly. This is NOT home flipping. There is no "lipstick on a pig" in our properties. You can trust in our brand to truly rejuvenate our homes with quality craftsmanship and honest conversations. Teresa works with trusted contractors and builders with the highest quality -never cutting corners but truly bringing life and love back into her homes.

Home RejuvEnation

What Happens In the Project?

Finding Distressed properties & sellers

finding investors

home vision & rejuvenation

Building community

finding the perfect new owner


Your tribe Your Pride

As much as Teresa loves home and your story... she LOVES building community and creating a neighborhood you can find pride and community in. These are our homes, our neighbors, our parks our community- and she sparks this journey in her ideal neighborhoods.

Building Community

How Is This Done?

door to door introductions

listening to stories

understanding the problems

solving the problems


Your Story Matters

Empowering The Journey Home IS coaching, listening, and caring about peoples stories. We listen to stories and find the perfect home for our clients. Many of our clients are renters turned owners because we take the time to listen, care, and education our clients. Teresa truly believes that home ownership is a wealth building strategy and can give renters freedom from endless dumping of finances into rental properties as well as develop price in ownership and building of strong communities. If you are renting and need coaching and education to understand how you can find financial freedom by becoming a home owner contact us today!

Coaching + Caring

How This Happens

education on real estate

listening to your story

coaching on finances

finding the perfect home

"Your Story Matters"